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Music Guides

There are numerous 'music guide' websites which feature The Dentists. The most extensive, with sound clips and the 1993 'Gas' video is VH1. You can find similar but less extensive entries at Yahoo, All Music Guide (AMG), Musicmatch, Artist Direct. They all use the standard biography (by Stewart Mason) but for a different take, by Scott Schindler try Trouser Press.


Yes there is now a Dentists entry on Wikipedia. No idea who put it on there but it's astonishingly accurate.


The CD reissue of "Some People Are On The Pitch They Think It's All Over It Is Now" was released in Aug 2005 on the Revola label and can be ordered from their website.

The best route to locate used Dentists vinyl and early releases appears to be Musicstack. Also Tonevendor and IPR have mini-reviews. And of course there's always Ebay or Amazon where you can get hold of later releases usually at very reasonable prices!

After The Dentists

Coax Mick Murphy, Mark Matthews and Rob Grigg immediately post-Dentists 

The Great Lines the current combo fronted by Mark Matthews and Bob Collins

Fortress Madonna mysterious project headed by Mick Murphy with guest apearances by other ex-Dentists

Fortune West now defunct outfit featuring Bob Collins. Check out their original site untouched since 2000.

Gig Reviews

Mo's, Seattle, Washington (21 Apr 1994) - you have to Ctrl-F 'The Dentists'

Fox Theater, Boulder, Colorado (16 May 1994)

Blog Entries

Chartreuse Girl (see 18 Jul 2002)

The Rub (see 24 Nov 02)

Loopy librarian (see reason no 8)

Loopy librarian (see 29 Apr 2003 - Old Father Time)

Loopy librarian (see 29 Nov 2002)

The Mystical Beast (see 16 June 2004 - "how I discovered The Dentists")

Little Hits (see 19 April 2005)

Other namechecks and oddities

Tweenet (home of classic and current Indie Pop music). Stick "The Dentists" in the search box and away you go!

Medway Powerhouse site dedicated to the 'Medway Sound' with an emphasis on the 80s with a few Dentists references.

Indie chart positions from Cherry Red's Indie Hits book

History of the Sausage Machine club The Dentists' spiritual London home in the early 90s

Soul Generation - fan and friend Adrian Gibson - see record no 2

Howard Turner's webpage 'producer' of You and Your Bloody Oranges

Biography in Italian

Interview with Jim McGarry The Dentists US manager in the early 90s

The diplomatic background to the 1966 World Cup probably the only reference to The Dentists in an academic article!

Misinformation overdrive for amusement only

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