USA and Canada

These pictures are from The Dentists various visits to the USA and Canada in the early 1990s.

Featured personnel: Mark Matthews, Bob Collins, Mick Murphy, Rob Grigg (Dentists), Jim McGarry (manager), John Gawen (mate and sound engineer).

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Bob Tuning
Bob tuning up at CBGB's, 2 Nov 1991

Radio City
Jim on his way to an Andy Warhol lookalike party. Rob and Mark pretend they're not with him. New York, Nov 1991.

Mick, Jim, and person unknown, possibly one of God Is My Co-Pilot. Coney Island, New York, 12 Jun 1992.
In Store
In-Store appearance at Rhino Records, New Paltz, NY, 14 Jun 1992

NYU session
Session at Radio NYU (New York University), 15 Jun 1992

John & Rob
John and Rob wait for the boat to Vancouver Island, 22 Apr 1994

Mick boat
Mick on the boat to Vancouver Island, 22 Apr 1994

Gas Mountains
Mountain Gas Stop, Canada, April 1994

Toronto Gig
Lee's Palace, Toronto, 1 May 1994
Washington meal
Bob, Rob, Mark, Mick. Washington DC, 10 May 1994