European Tour 1988

These pictures are from the Dentists tour of Europe in April 1988.

Featured personnel: Mark Matthews, Bob Collins, Mick Murphy, Alun Jones (Dentists), Rob Grigg (roadie and future Dentist), Peter Verstraelen (agent and tour manager), Colin Wells (er....Colin Wells).

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Life by the side of the Autobahn. Alun, Rob, Mick, Mark, Peter.

Mark on van
Mark atop the tour 'bus' in Berlin

Alun & Mick specs
Alun and Mick still working on that image problem (see also European Tour 1987).

St Truiden
Alun and Colin after gig in St Truiden, Belgium.

Colin on ferry
Colin on the ferry.
Mick Football
Mick and phantom football in Bern.
Rob emerging
Rob emerging from hotel the night after St Truiden.