European Tour 1987

These pictures are from The Dentists tour of Europe in February and March 1987.

Featured personnel: Mark Matthews, Bob Collins, Mick Murphy, Alun Jones (Dentists), Steve Cotter (mate, roadie and driver), Peter Verstraelen (agent and tour manager), Lieve Monnens (fan, champion and power broker)

….and some psychedelic German hipsters. But more on them later

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Alun & Steve Steve, Mick & Alun

In a successful band touring is a non-stop whirlwind of interviews, meet n greets etc. In a less successful band the reality of life on tour is a lot of sitting around, bored in a squalid hotel rooms like this waiting for something to happen, as these two pictures demonstrate. Steve and Alun (left), Steve, Mick and Alun (right)

Biel Dome
The AJZ Gaskessel, Biel, Switzerland, on the outside….

Biel Dome inside
...and on the inside.
A 5 a side football match was always a must on tour. Mark, Mick and Steve doing the posing, Peter doing the pumping.
Tour drunkenness
Another must was heady drunken euphoria, captured perfectly here. Leive, Mick, Mark, Steve.

Mark & Peter
Mark and Peter in Geneva.

The dressing room at FZW Dortmund. Mick, Mark, Alun, Peter.
Billiard Palace
Scenes from A Dentists hotel room, part 34.
Mannheim Hipsters
Fans! A bunch of German psychedelic hipsters who came along to a few dates on the tour.

Mick & Alun
Mick and Alun in Lochristi, Belgium. Who said The Dentists had an image problem?
Bob & Peter
Verstraelen and I (for once not behind the camera).